For the most part

Trap again or skip (a beat ) perhaps perhaps perhaps trick or treat (surprise)

humping lumping pumping

something old something new/knew something borrowed something blue or whatever it doesn’t matter - right - as long as it’s a song or in a song a at least trying to be like a f***ing song

(not quite & un re quit ed … ) playin g out loud (absurd) feelings

(Replaced by someone 20 years younger than me) [too personal]? {I know} [I’m not sure] (animals) (re/move)

Same ‘old’ story, coming of ‘age’

Change/s order

‘Crapstraction’, right?

We/you? I don’t need another paintin’ or hero? or something

about |s| ($) (4) (code)

OG, A g (drop) (drips) (blend) (dreamerz)

see/say/empty MT hear/here ii


Outline: roman numerals


Fort ress (for tress) emphasis

Heart? Earth? Body? mud dum-my, dummies

Best out of

Two against one (feelings) one third fractions - do the math

method acting activist archival

Immaterial - in material out of body (n’ shit) (experience) (or not)

Innocence, to

Test (timing) (T minus) (beyond my pay grade) (take off) Lift - another line - memory part of a part[ies] trap trap - lining - reverse - verse - verb - noun ad jective - purpose - live work space -

Euphemisms [lofty]

thinking too much - personal-ly prop-erty about

Prop/s what is a prop, what is found what is finding - to discover - something new again.

(good? luck - chance change - ) edit remove again a version futher - - break bridge or back to (back) (face it) com plex ion - -

Business or pleasure (zones) (zoning) combo combination

For balance con/text/ual… still? working? differently.


Collective unconsciousness - consciousness - sub tle (subtitles/s) (options) (care) (more or less) like me/you/people - other things miscellaneous - free from form - feelings again - e motion al - - path/s (cross/ing guard/s?) play ground bull i e s

Awareness like traffic (or lack therof) rain/reign/to

water - make w a v e s

make it go a way Dance… dense in tentional living - pur pose - - break up break down - settle up - settle down - agreements? made? unspoken rules? of the

Off / on / buttons (push/ed/ing)

To the edge, in the middle s p r e a d out

Quiet/rush/slow/fast (bumps)

Missing a spot

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