Say when say what

November 2, 2018

*further (from the truth?)

The truth (my truth)(part of the/my truth/trust/dust/ashes

WtF why when where what … fine/d/er/s fee/fille/ off/on on /off

experimental dis ease

the act of / the art of

diffic u l t ies (copyleft copyrights props property issues) What theF am I going to do next &how

improv edits and a version (over laps/lapse/snaps - yes I snapped - so SO…

family/families/groupings foreward

My dad passed away last Thursday October 25th, from complications due to Parkinsons Disease. He was 84 years old.


I’m not sure how to handle any of this…

I can’t deal with social media, due to other complications - in my so called life… but anyway - my dad was a poet among other things (a professor, patent agent, father and husband). I’ve been reading his poetry and wondering about a lot of things - lately - family life and social life (meds - usa ) )something isn’t right - write - in/out - lines (next/to do …) and love life/lives - medics - mental - dis order/s

palliative care and hospice- yes I do recommend them - it

depending - in conjuction

thought process - cares

scars - tatoo tattoos -veins - in

digressing - family - practice - oh

missing him missing YOU

like - too hard to explain_ lost 9yes again

knowlege/love/recent/history/good/luck chance

change opportunity out there

narrative narrator

tour (us) (me) I sms

forget it (right) broad cast a

way/weigh waze gaze flowers

I miss (so and so) (age) ages/wages wags

finger/s (people)

thoughts thinking - this is too personal - the other side - back story - bio - way too much

compensation (zoom out) (don’t) (get it) again

weigh t

reasons half (writers block) piece of what questions dialogue

keep the conversation going I told you - you told me - everybody knows it is - (fuckingnotfucking) comlicated

Complicated (yes) (you can say that again) (play) (work) (house) (shop) (window)

strip? stripe? line? stop just stop

this is getting - already - out of hand/ s

many hands make light work - thank you for pointing that out

on the side prints (pass) (smaell) test

(entertainment and meals - category - i feel a wash coming or watch or wish y why pet rub problem per hour

deflections (paws) (bay bay obey

check sound - ugh

dashes hashes tags

feeling/s out of place

work life and balance/s - a juggling act (in the jugular) - hit/s- misses- and how to or not - in general (art?) and specifically (what?)


(writing/wall/s) (built/building/tearing down apart again - but - and something about property again - properties - personal - and identity and )

the ups and downs; the ins and outs of (dates/dating/rating/grating/ / tensions/) sliding scale

grading - gradation - gradual - all of a sudden at the same time while I was (thinking) (know) (don’t)

no sentences - structure please ha control - so how do you control - measure weigh way wait weights

britches - pull ups arm bands - hear/here now/there - theirs (slice/dice/roll/punch/list) Keep it simple (love/stupid/ok) que cue

high lighter caps italics details (tales) (heads) (pick) spellcheck or not (help)

who am I again - who was he? What am I doing? How did I get here… Will I ever figure out how to make a living etc… overlapping props.

Family stuff. Intellectual property and laws and “claw” or ‘funny bone’ - what kind of quotes within [quotes] - edgy not, another name for subtitle - subtle - raw - feelings - sup - par - lay - trying to do too much or not enough (know the difference) change/s

hot flash/es

laissez faire

not easy come, easy go … gently - what (was that/again)

wip rip hashtags

free range/r itchescratchsniff not enough said tools

publish public privacy tissues

lean back lean foreward (learnunlearn)

bring it back to front/face/facet/side/s

overlapping key group word/s.

for one all

not quite there yet never will be not sure what I’m talking about again

just trying to figure out something about supplies


(I might need to edit this) ad diction —

working out like/on paper/loud/not quit quiet? … almost

exercise, that’s what this is about (not really but yes [ex]

think in /out list


you don’t have to read this (one) (long) you could

I did it for me

I do this becuase I have to

it’s all over the place

it doesn’t make sense

I don’t make sense - a lot of the time

{blot clot}

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