compliant compliments to the

to my?



what is a verb, again?

pro vibin g


pre big bang (see more/less notes)

web sight - site at first

just the basic facts

fax/cd/rom/com.dot/b lot

c lot = a lot of ‘love’ for instance

still something

throw it out - put it up - there - get it not get it like got

in hindsight

a bit repetative (maybe a lot)

it’s not about - it could be - about - this could be about - they could be about - I could be about


relationships helf

half an acre? arches - bf k

not quite

on paper - right maybe synthetic

mixed feelings on paper

mixed media on paper

(a long time coming) (left) leave room

for: to: by: (me/you/both/owe pay? dues

credits remember (or lack there of trick)s

happy definitions answer?

the quest ion

Elizabeth WilliamsComment