suggestion box - complaints

complaining hour is over paraphrase/s

directions again (how to not)

q line p

just in case

care - insecurites


summery summary - summarize

key words talking points group hug


i don’t need to do this - advice visor

this would be (could be) better if I knew how to ask for help

or if i knew what i needed - or felt safe to ask

situation (comedy or not - like

or lack thereof

these little phrases

one liners - work, love

i know - i’m not sure - again

where i may have tried to explain this

site sights see sea stop saw drop


categories stages - ages -

Ages (wagging) wag wage s not $ /s/

locked pushed away

force of nature ha conditioning


deal breaker did you say

you had me at

human no just nature knot


so do i need to keep going on about this (it)

my (what) (problem) (love)

shorter - long - haul - hall

mud room maybe

no big words - drawers

stop this insensitivity

shouting not stand for initials

so i was thinking

about what i do and how much i love and i do do it every day

and it comes out like a beast sometimes raging

sometimes quiet

is it too similar - isn’t that good

my paintings

in process

keep working ok stop saying ok

i don’t like that expression anymore

it’s very personal

too fast? too slow?

a little to the left - right - maybe


glucose - sugar - sweet - free


danger ha risk ha - wait


back to business as usual

per diem




no requests

i’m not a dj, don’t worry

or an artist - wtf is that again

ss mt

i lost it cool

look around

choose your (my) own ground

on the ground right

here i am again and I’m feeling very mixed

just so you know (sayin)


Elizabeth WilliamsComment