good for who for how for what for when for why for where Formal

I want a studio space (because I need) to be around other artists. My practice - my process - my work - is changing. Lately I am writing or using words to express myself - nature (calls) (wtf again ss mt

(head) y (people) what is this? out of tech. Touch up? Touch down?

I want to start painting again - new note - next time

A project - a group project - I have in mind - we do - - I don’t have proof

to paint larger on panels for this place/medical /meditate - thinking - nevermind - slow down wait

a seat at the table - desk space to write

to socialize

sounds ringing ears change gears

naturally native nurture ing parallels (park) settle? one at a time thoughts

between two posts (coincidence band camp...

omg so many thoughts fires emerging


emergency - coming through - gang way stop

urgent urgency (accusatory - derrogative - exasperation- directions? play


because I don't really know what I'm doing. I've been questioning myself, my surroundings, my influences - existence

what happened to that the last time i thought i applied for this opportunity

missed something dead line fuck ed

keep it simple


existential (compounding)

My statement of intension - my artist statement - link in bio - food for thought - suggestive - address shift in (while) thinking (painting needs)

expense - projections projecting misunderstandings

supplies likes approval brushes and paints and bushel

I need a studio or a place to practice around other people

"post studio space" no “post-studio” sounds good

what is it

collaborative, collaborate collaboratively

community communal - can i (not urinal not - don’t mention it bath/room privacy…

may i - are we

doing this

yes we're at that stage where we don't want to define anything


two against one out of context (falling in love) let go

one third two (fucks) (edit) (intention) (false fake make

thoughts ugh bullshitting guess jest in demonstrative

incubator (this sucks)

I wish I had a separate studio for painting - I paint from home. I paint at home. But lately I've been writing

and my desk here is crowded - a bit of a mess - tie/s untie re:tie

unite - unity - community -

I think this communal desk space would be good for me and my practice - beast shy - artistic - artisinal - crafty - fellowship - opportunities


time to eat break for (whatever) (brb)

this needs work - no shit (ha not yet)

funny bone balance - just let me in - sesame street - opening - keep it together

dinner time

limits - baking - waiting

affordability act sustaining so

merit occupancy financial fiscal responsibility

a juggling act/or tourist quest re

still carzy (crazy) (normal) seasick

I don’t know what I’m doing

I don’t know what’s good for me

needs to

some one on one time

a hug?

change the title

desk disc disk


why can’t i post this



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