"Negative Space"

It’s a thing btw

design another one

sample to example to ex to ample to sample to try to tend to tear to let to hold to …

rest - crop - whip - wip = breathe (||)

a little of this - a little of that - communication

changes bay bey bait

sharp left

L (corner) (I paint my self into corners) (sometimes)

awkward - or you know - kinda casual - like a flake

reminders hectic not in in east oakland not in california

I am not one of the souls of mishief

miss cheif ms mrs no mr mister either


but it’s not so bad

sometimes it gets hectic yes


“negative space”

drawing from the right side - with the right side of the brain

creative like well a bit flaky

zoning Freestyle

out of sight or blurry

abstact figuratively

A mixed bag

not ethereal not a girl, guurrl or gorilla…

Z F*** (drip drops for Dreamerz)

no complaints not now

comprehension representative vocabulary

drawing what go es around comes around

a round back a round (back A g round )

intentional living

live and let live

surviving (two against one) al ter native

dc a c washingtonian the climate not now

cyclicle sigh cy cle men tine

clip clop brutal breezy lemon lime


nomanclature narrative and pause and paws

and swap



I don’t have the power maybe (a little)

bug powder dust b2b brb

in arms (hold me)

not choice/s stop it annoying - just be good to me.

for today for now (super pitcher anyone)


sheet notes

between the sapce between


there’s fine line line between everything

Dont take it personal ly give complentary

break fast.