page description/s under construction/ like plans and contact how to etc et al missing spot/s


I feel a little sick, well. It's complicated.

I have many notes and feelings spread out

And I believe in love, maybe a little too much.

Anyway we're getting it together... 

I am here. I will post more somehow.

It comes out sometimes and I can't help it like the popup

the other day/last weekend/night


that was, innappropriate

{Fine, insecurities}

in more than one way

s[which, type of brackets/how]-->

weighing/weights/PT reume/bio

(I am working)

I feel ashamed a lot and like a hypocrite and i berate myself 

and layer things and make excuses, like/s abstract paintings

and this needs editing again alraedy

maybe this should be titled zine or something like 

misc. I'm not sure about a lot of things, including my abilities 

to do anything/or not, like sounds

knotty/ keep/inside/voice/s


Not sure where I starthis/hers

see notes/ections/cut/swack


this isn't quite right/i'm sorry

#wip ping